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Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets

in association with Chinese Independent School of London



CISTH is presently staffed by twenty-six teachers and fifteen voluntary teachers support staff for Chinese classes, one homework club teacher and a member of staff in charge of Chinese classes. We use textbooks published by the UK Federation of Chinese Schools (UKFCS) We are members of the UK Association for the Promotion of Chinese Education (UKAPCE), also the famous Hanban (Confucius Institute) for the promotion of Chinese language and culture. Our teachers regularly attend training and seminars provided by UKAPCE and HANBAN and some of the teachers are required to attend training provided by the Community Languages Service of Tower Hamlets in order to enhance the quality of teaching.

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Education Sub-committee

The CISTH are fortunate to have parents who are interested and supportive of their children’s education and the future of the school. The parents of the School have formed a subcommittee enhancing the quality of the school and the children’s education through a wide range of activities, festival celebrations, presentations from inspirational speakers, family day outings and various workshops that give our children the confidence to use the Chinese language.

Members of the Sub-committee:


Mr. Saleh Ahmed (Chairman)

Mrs. SofunLau

Mr. David Steadman

Ms. Maggie Tsui

繁體字 Traditional characters


育华中文学校共有二十六位教师和十五位志愿者助教,另外有一位功课辅导班教师、及一位专职负责中文班教务的职员。本校教师定期参加由塔桥区政府语言服务部(Community Languages Service of Tower Hamlets)举办的培训班并接受政府的督学,以保证教育教学效果。同时,本校教师也积极参加由中国国家汉办和孔子学院总部在北京及伦敦举办的汉语教师教材培训。本校是英国中文学校联会及英国中文教育促进会的成员