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Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets

in association with Chinese Independent School of London


The Jack Petchey Foundation Award Scheme

Jack Petchey was born into a poor family in the East End in the 1920s. He left school with no qualifications when he was just 1After the war he bought his first second-hand car and started a taxi business. He worked very hard, overcoming difficulties and became a multi-millionaire.

The Jack Petchey Foundation operates an Achievement Award Scheme in over 1000 schools and clubs throughout all London Boroughs. The scheme is open to any youth organisation working with young people aged 11 - 25 within the catchment area and over £2 million is allocated each year. The scheme is divided into three categories, the Gold Scheme is for mainly larger organisations, the Silver is for and the Bronze is for smaller; we have been accepted into the Silver Scheme.

Participating youth organisations such as ours select six young persons to receive an Achievement Award each year and the winner receives a framed certificate and a sum of money to be spent on a youth organisation or community project of the recipient’s choice.

Please see below a list of our winners:

Miss Li Jing Cheung (May 2015 Winner)

Miss Li Jing Cheung (May 2015 Winner)

Miss Li Jing Cheung (May 2015 Winner)