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Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets

in association with Chinese Independent School of London


About Us

The Chinese Independent School of Tower Hamlets (CISTH) has been successfully established for 35 years. It has served many students within the Chinese and Vietnamese Community in Tower Hamlets and beyond. Due to the popular trend of learning language, many English, Eastern European, Southern European and South Asian children also joined the CISTH to learn Chinese. The school locates in a modern purpose built near Shadwell c/o St Mary and St Michael Primary School. The school has twenty-two classrooms, an auditorium and school hall.

The school predominately provides Mandarin and Cantonese lessons for the Chinese community and anyone who wishes to learn. We currently run classes ranging from Playgroup to A level in Mandarin and Cantonese. We also run conversational Mandarin for adults and various revision classes and Homework Club for children (free for CISTH pupils, children's Chinese Folk Dancing and adult Tai Chi.). We are proud to have a diversity of students currently studying at the school and achieving excellent GCSE grades.

In addition to our awards, we have won awards for the Best Language Project within a Community Setting in 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2015. We have also achieved Silver Award in the Quality Framework for Supplementary Schools in 2006 and Gold Award in the Quality Framework for Supplementary Schools in 2011 (Dated from 2 Feb 2011 – 28 Feb 2014).

Simplified Chinese 简体字


育華中文學校(CISTH)建校35年來,培養了無數的來自塔橋區和附近地區的華人子女。由於近年潮流學漢語,有不少英國、東歐、南歐及南亞裔的小朋友也在本校學習中文。本校位於Shadwell區內的St Mary & St Michael Primary School。學校地址鄰近倫敦市中心,現代化的校舍內有二十二間教室,一間舞蹈室和一個大禮堂。更有二十多個車位的停車場。

本校宗旨是為華人及對中文有興趣的人士提供普通話和粵語課程。現在一共有二十七個班别,程度由幼兒班到AS level班。本校同時還提供成人普通話班、兒童功課輔導班(育華學生免費)、兒童中國舞蹈課程和成人太極拳及健康舞蹈課程。通過本校老師的悉心教導,每學年都有來自不同背景的學生在中文GCSE考試獲得優秀的成績。

本校分別於2009,2012, 2013和2015年獲得塔橋區政府頒發的“最佳社區語言項目”獎項Best Language Project within a Community Setting)。此外,本校於2006年獲得補充教育資源中心頒發的優質學術評估Quality Framework for Supplementary Schools) 銀獎,並在2011年獲得金獎(從2011年2月2日到2014年2月28日)。